2 new loops

2009-05-02 08:10:58 by DainBramageStudios

I tried my hand a bit of acid breakbeat. One's just the bare beat, the other has a squelchy bassline. Feedback please.

2 new loops

I've just uploaded 2 new videogame remixes, one of the Azalea Town music from Pokemon GSC, and one of the Robot Master Battle Theme from Mega Man 3! Plus I have brand new Super Smash Bros Brawl remixes coming your way soon :)

Cameron's in London right now, so we arent going to get much animating done, but we have been in talks about maybe doing a Madness short, so stay tuned.

Till next time,

- Joe from DBS

Lots of brand new videogame remixes!

Our acoustic remix of "Still Alive" (the end credits theme from Portal) is online now. Enjoy :)


2009-01-11 05:19:47 by DainBramageStudios

New banner :)


2008-12-23 06:22:10 by DainBramageStudios

Our audio is finally here!

Check them out below!

- Joe

*taps foot in a "come on, I'm waiting" fashion*

Its been like, four days now and our audio still hasn't been approved. No offense to the mods/admins, but I'm starting to get a little impatient now.

Stay tuned.

- Joe


2008-12-19 16:45:40 by DainBramageStudios

Shoop Da Loop didn't get approval! :(

Oh well, it sucked pretty bad anyway...

Anyway, we've got some new audio we've uploaded to the audio portal that's still waiting to be approved. So check back in a few days.

- Joe

New flash short/loop

2008-12-19 11:19:38 by DainBramageStudios

Our first submission, "Shoop Da Loop" is up now. It's pretty crap, we know, but it's our first go at flash animation, so please don't shoot us. It's pretty much something we made for a GIF, but when we exported as a GIF, it went all weird, so we uploaded it here instead. Pointless really. Expect better in the future.

Stay tuned.

- Joe & Cameron

Hey guys

2008-12-17 10:26:33 by DainBramageStudios

Hey guys, this is DBS' new profile on Newgrounds. We haven't got anything made in flash yet, but Cameron is working on a solo project that should be done in a few months time, which will be uploaded to his "camydoger" profile.

Stay chooned,

- Joe